The Global Impact of One Church

After we became sponsors with Compassion International, I began to learn more about the history of this organization.

Everett Swanson was a pastor out of Chicago and he was over in South Korea in the early 1950's. I could tell you more about him, but I am going to let you watch this video instead: 

Did you watch the video?

There are millions of people around the world who know who Jesus is because Everett Swanson started Compassion International.

But what I think is really cool?

The lives of of at least 34 children and their families are being changed because of Compassion sponsors at our church! 

Families from our church are currently sponsoring Compassion children in the following countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Tanzania, Togo, and Uganda.

This month, we have posted some highlights about the Dominican Republic on our Compassion board in the lobby.

Highlighting Compassion in the Dominican Republic

What country do you think we should highlight next?

Write to your Compassion Child

When I was in Colombia last year, at every home, the children would show us the letters they have received from their sponsors.

Compassion kids love letters from their sponsors

They ask us if we know their sponsor. After all, we live in the United States, so they assume we know their sponsor.

I love looking through the letters and photos they share with us. So many encouraging words shared by someone who loves them across the miles.

Your sponsored child loves to receive letters.

You don't need to send long, lengthy letters.

Tell them you love them, share a Bible verse with them, answer any of their questions, ask them a couple of questions, send them a photo or two, and drop the letter in the mail. In two to three months, your letter will be in the hands of your sponsored child, which will bring a big smile to their face.

Repeat often.

Pray for our Compassion children

Prayer is a powerful tool that God has given us to come before Him. And I love that we can talk to Him about so many things and He is always there to listen.

When we first became Compassion sponsors, we took the daily prayer prompts from the back of the bookmark in our welcome packet and made up daily cards to keep at our dining room table. This way, each morning when the kids and I would start our day, we could pray for our Compassion kids.

But I love that Compassion provides a way for us to pray daily for the needs around the world. When you sign up to be part of the Prayer Partner Network, you will receive an e-mail each month with a calendar to download. The prayer requests on these calendars are from registered Compassion children, their families, and the many volunteers and staff at the Compassion centers.

Today, the Prayer Partner Network is over 30,000 people strong. I invite you to join this network in this essential part of sharing the Gospel with the Compassion children around the world.

The Dollar Twenty-Five Challenge

Many of us don't carry a lot of cash in our pockets anymore. But I wouldn't be surprised if you can find at least $1.25 somewhere around your home right now. And when you add up the $1.25 for 30 days, that amounts to about $38, which is enough to sponsor a Compassion child for one month. Do that every month over the course of a year, and you have just made a huge investment into the life of a child living in extreme poverty.

The Dollar Twenty-Five Challenge

Leaf Memory Game

One of the things I love about Pinterest is all the creative ideas I have been able to find for sending items to our sponsored children. Just recently, I pinned an idea for a Leaf Memory Game. Start collecting some fall leaves from your neighborhood. Glue them onto index cards, then cover them with clear contact paper or laminate them. Be sure to visit Compassion's Pinterest boards for more letter writing ideas.

One Meal One Day Webinar - September 17th

September 17th is Compassion's next advocate webinar to learn all about the One Meal One Day campaign and resources available for you to share with your friends and family! This webinar will take place at 6pm Pacific Time and is open to sponsors, advocates and non-sponsors. Register here:

OMOD (One Meal One Day) is scheduled for November 6th, 2013.  It is about serving children in extreme poverty by skipping a meal and raising both funds and awareness to fight poverty.  To learn more now visit